The Barbara Bush Elementary P.T.O. was formed in 1995 for the sole purpose to:


    * promote the growth of our children in the school and the community

    * share mutual concerns and needs between parents, teachers and students

    * keep parents, teachers and students informed of local school issues

    * to raise funds and sponsor specific projects for the benefit and need of Barbara Bush students.


      The P.T.O. is an incorporated entity with non-profit, non-commercial status. Membership is open to all staff members, parents and legal guardians of students enrolled at Barbara Bush Elementary School.


      The Executive Board consists of five officers.

The 2018-2019 Executive Board five officers and their responsibilities


General Meetings are held in the Barbara Bush School Media Center. For more information on dates and times please click below, contact the school at 472-8500, or click the calendar tab.  All parents are encouraged to attend each general meeting. Parent involvement is a critical component to our school!

P.T.O. Dates/Calendar

P.T.O. Volunteer Information Document