Student Recognition

Principal Award- Teachers nominate students to receive an award presented once a month by the principal. Students are also placed in the drawing for the principal luncheon.

Principal Luncheon- Students that have received principal awards are drawn once a month and ten lucky winners get to have a pizza and ice cream lunch on the stage with Mr. Olson.

Awards Assembly– Intermediate Students receive awards based on a variety of achievements throughout the year. Awards are presented in subject areas, club activities, citizenship, and more! Parents can visit for the assembly during the day or in the evening.

Stars and Stripes Honor Roll– Students who earn all A’s for the quarter on their report card earn the Stars honor roll. Those who earn all A’s and B’s earn the Stripes honor roll. 

Perfect Attendance Luncheon - Students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year are invited to attend a luncheon in their honor at school. 

Bobcat Grabbers
– Students receive grabbers from teachers who “catch them being good.” Students turn the grabbers in to the front office and are placed in a weekly drawing for a pencil and a Fun Friday free popcorn!

Math Blasters- Students pass grade-level tests to earn colorful t-shirts for each level.