Ms. Wells

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My Name is Ms. Wells and I am so excited to be teaching your student this year. 

I have been teaching with Mesa Public Schools since 2001.  I have worked at Salk Elementary, Kerr Elementary, and now here at Barbara Bush Elementary.

I started out teaching in the Specific Learning Disability (SLD) classroom. I then moved on to teaching kindergarten for the next 6 years.  I was then given the opportunity to move on with my kindergarten class to first grade.  After the year in first grade I was able to move back to kindergarten as my students moved on.  I have been back teaching kindergarten for a few years.  

I am so excited to help your student get started on their journey of learning this year in kindergarten.  There are so many new and exciting things that are in store for your student as we enter the world of reading, writing, and math.  The opportunities that your student will be presented with for learning and growth are sure to be amazing.  I can't wait to work with the students as they begin to explore and gain confidence in themselves and as they learn each new skill through out the year.