Mr. George "Tracy" Olson

 It is my good fortune to be Principal of such an incredible school.  We have a great staff here that works very hard to make certain each child is challenged at their level, and is making consistent progress toward their academic goals.

We also have truly outstanding students who work hard, take care of business, and are proud of their school and campus.  It shows daily when I see students working in their classrooms, when I see them at lunch, at recess, and as they are walking in the hallways of our campus.  Make no mistake, kids are kids and when there are 600+ children in one place for six and a half hours a day, for 180 days a year, there will be challenges.  These challenges become opportunities for our students to grow, to mature, and to develop greater social skills.

Our parents are the final amazing piece to this partnership of education.  We receive support in so many different ways.  First and foremost is the work and preparation children receive in their homes and with their families before they ever arrive at school.  When students come to school ready to learn, we have the ability to do so much more.  Parents volunteer in the classrooms in abundance. Their efforts help through the work they do, but it also sends the message to their children that they place a high value on education.  Our students also have opportunities for other activities due to the efforts of our PTO and the parents who volunteer here.

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the Barbara Bush community as Principal of this school.  I regard my responsibility to our students with great respect.  I will always make decisions with the children as the central focus.   

Tracy Olson

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