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What is an OIDC? 

OIDCs are site-based online instructional design coaches who teach part of the day. Part of their contract is funded by Educational Technology in order to support schools with online and blended learning through Canvas, the district adopted learning management system.  A detailed description of their roles and responsibilities is available here

Who are the OIDCs assigned to my campus? 

Please refer to the Canvas Contacts list to find the OIDC for your campus. 

Canvas News

Organize Your Canvas Course Cards!
Canvas Course Cards now can be moved to another location in the Dashboard. Click the Options menu [1] and select the Move tab [2]. Depending on the placement of the existing card, you can move the card to the top of the Dashboard, ahead or behind a specific card, or to the bottom of the Dashboard [3]. You can also manually drag and drop a course card to another location in the Dashboard....
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Canvas Professional Learning Courses Now Available
Teachers interested in participating in a Canvas course can now auto-enroll in the MPS Professional Learning Canvas course. There are eight courses available that take the participant through the steps of getting started and put them on the path to becoming a Canvas master. Re-certification hours will be given upon successful completion of the course. Click here to to learn more and...
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News and Events

canvas teacher requests

Canvas Course Request - Request a Sandbox, PLC Course, Organization Course or Master Course. 

Add Teacher to a Canvas Course - Request to add another teacher to a Canvas Course. The person added will have full access to the Canvas course to edit content and grade student work.  

Add Teacher Observer to a Canvas Course - Request to give view only permissions to another teacher in a Canvas Course.  

Cross-List Canvas Course Request - Combine Canvas Courses into one course space. 

Add Student to a Concluded Course - Request to add students who need to finish assignments from a past semester.