Carson Junior High is again named an AVID National Demostration School for the 2012-2013 school year. Congratulations to our AVID trained staff and all who support the rigorous instructional practices we advocate.
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What is AVID?
Advancement Via Individual Determination is a middle school through high school program designed to help prepare under-represented students for four-year college eligibility. AVID is based on "writing as a tool of learning," collaborative grouping, and inquiry methods.

What are the three main components?
bullet_avid.gif Academic instruction
bullet_avid.gif Motivational activities
bullet_avid.gif Tutorial support
How does AVID work?
Our goal is to educate the whole student. This is achieved by unifying six important elements of education
bullet_avid.gif Student bullet_avid.gif Faculty bullet_avid.gif Curriculum
bullet_avid.gif Parents bullet_avid.gif Tutors bullet_avid.gif Community
What is the AVID Student Profile?
An AVID student has a unique profile. They have average to high test scores with a G.P.A. of 2.0 - 3.5. They have college potential with support, and meet one or more of these criteria: first in their family to attend college, part of a historically under-served college population, low income, or have special circumstances. The program is meant to help average students excel by placing them in rigorous courses.
What is the curriculum and how is it different?
The AVID curriculum teaches the skills necessary to be successful in college. It is rigorous and is implemented through the use of writing, collaboration, and inquiry. Typically a seventh grader is placed into eighth grade general math classes and advanced English.
Why does Carson support AVID?
AVID students are proud to be in the program, while becoming leaders on our campus. They are academically successful and provide leadership for their peers. Carson's AVID students meet society's need for well-rounded, and better educated citizens.
What do you do in an AVID classroom?
Students are responsible for binder checks and they meet with tutors on a regular basis. AVID students participate in service learning at least once a week by going into a special needs classroom to work with the students.
Who directs AVID?
There is one coordinator and three core AVID teachers at Carson Junior High. Mrs. Pam Garland serves as the coordinator. If you have any questions, please call her at (480) 472-2882.