COUNSELING OFFICE HOURS     8:30 am to 4pm daily

Counselors                   Phone #       
Janet Parker                   472-2914      
Richard Trujillo               472-2915                                                        
Issra Benmansour          472-2926                                                         


School Psychologist    
Jill Couet                  472-2905  


Community Resources

If you are in need of community counseling resources, please click here.


What does a School Counselor do?
Guidance Curriculum: Lessons targeting educational, life skills, and personal/social development.

Individual Student Planning: Coordinate activities that help all students plan, monitor, manage their own learning, as well as, meet competencies in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development.

Responsive Services: Additional support provided to individuals through personal counseling, support groups, parent conferencing, emergency response services, and referrals to outside agencies.

System Support: Grow professionally by taking part in activities such as: professional development, workshops, in-services, and continued research on program quality. 

How does a student see a couselor?
Appointment set by counselor.
Parent referral
Adminstrative referral
Group participant

The Counseling Center /In Student Services
The Counseling Center provides developmental and preventative services. Counselors provide assistance and teach skills in individual, small group and classroom settings in the following areas: academic and post-graduate planning, career exploration, guidance competencies, parent conferences, testing, and crisis counseling.