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  • Maston                                      Cook
  • Anderson                                  Engle                          
  • Dunagan                                   Fennell
  • Freeman                                   Bailly
  • Hale                                          Pablo
  • Lowe                                         Pizzuto
  • Morrow                                      Ponce de Leon
  • Noe                                           Ruiz
  • Sapien                                      Snyder
  • Schofield                                  Walston
  • Welker                                      Webster
  • Oglesby

Helpful Links

MPS Technology Information -quick guide

EdTech Resources -help pages

Big Ideas Math
*Big Ideas feedback form -submit issues



EdTech Live! Video tutorials created by MPS 

MPS Untethered- teaching with technology


Meet the Trainers

Jason Jacobson EdTech           Cherie Stafford EdTech

   Jason Jacobson             Cherie Stafford

The role of Educational Technology is to support teachers with the integration of technology into curriculum and instruction.

Trainers are available by appointment to:

  • Review instructional plans and help with integrating technology.
  • Provide support when integrating a technology in the classroom.
  • Provide one-on-one or group support/training for technology tools or software.
  • Provide Professional Development for instructional technology topics.