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Anne Frank

Directions : Click on the linked words to go to the website to answer the question. The answer is somewhere on the linked page. You will need to read to find the answer. Write your answers on your worksheet. You can print out a copy of the worksheet by clicking here.


Where was Anne Frank born?


In _______________, Otto Frank moved because of increasing tensions and threats to Jews by the Nazis. The family soon followed.


In what city did Anne and her family hide from the Nazis?


How old was Anne when she starting keeping a diary? When did she get her diary?


How many years were Anne and her family hiding in "The Secret Annexe"?

Anne Frank Apartment


The Frank family moved into "The Secret Annexe" on _________________ and on ___________________ they are betrayed and taken to Westerbork, the Dutch transit camp.


Besides Anne, her sister, Margot, and her parents, Otto and Edith Frank, who were the other people hiding in the Annex?


Because Anne didn’t have any friends and could not go outside while they were in hiding, she wrote her diary in the form of letters. What was the name she addresses her letter to?


Who is Miep Gies? She is known as ________________________? When did she die?


Anne Frank Annex - Bookcase What did they use to cover the entrance to the attic so that anyone in the office would not know that there were stairs to the attic?


What did Miep Gies do to help her boss, Otto Frank and his family?


Who is the only member of the Franks family to survive the concentration camps?


Anne’s diary was first published on ________________ and was called Het Achterhuis.


It has been has sold more than __________ copies worldwide and in over 67 languages. (Read to the bottom of the page.)


When you are finished, go to the US Holocaust Museum site and click on "Launch the Exhibition" and listen to someone read Anne’s own words.


To print this webquest, click here for the pdf file.