School Nurse        Dawn Hewitt          472-2913
Health Assistant   Carly Estrada         472-2907

The Health Office assists students with their health needs, including administering medication, first aid, special health procedures, health assessment, and maintenance.


8:45 am - 4:00 pm
Students can come to the Nurse after receiving a pass from their teacher during 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th hours. 3rd and 6th hour have been reserved for health screenings and documentation. We are always able to see students with emergencies during all school hours.

All medications must be kept in the Health Office, with a signed parent permission slip on file. Students may carry their inhaler if they are responsible and have a parent consent form on file in the nurse's office. All medications must have a current expiration date.
Powell Clinic:
If you child does not have health insurance and is on free or reduced lunch, they may qualify for visits to the Powell Clinic. This clinic has a nurse pracitioner that can see students for very minimal costs. They can be treated with basic medications, if necessary. Please contact our nurse, Frances Weber, if you are interested in this program.
Special Health
Care Needs:
If your student has a special health care need, we will be glad to assist you. Please contact the Health Office so we can better serve your student.

We are glad to care for your children !