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Science Curriculum
Secondary Science Curriculum


Biomes of the Earth
UCMP information about Biomes
Blue Planet - Biomes


Birthday Moons
Use these websites to complete your assignment:
    Naval Oceanography Portal

How animals hide themselves from predators...check out these websites for this lesson: Website 1; Website 2; Website 3 (hawkmoth).

Cell Structure and Function
1 - Use this webpage to find out about the cell. Complete the quiz after reading the information; print your score sheet.
2 - Take the quiz on this website; check your answers, type in your name at the bottom and then print your quiz.


Balancing Chemical Equations assignment, click here.
Play the Balancing Act! Game...Choose Beginner and 15 questions here.
For information about the Periodic Table, click here for links to several websites.

Constellations and Astronomy
7th Grade Science classes are investigating Northern Hemisphere constellations. Use this website to answer the questions for the Constellation Webquest worksheet. [pdf]

7th Grade Science classes are creating their own constellations! Click here for more information...
Read about constellations and their myths at Windows to the Universe site. To find out more about constellations, use the Constellation map. You can also explore Constellations and their Stars and see the 88 major constellations.  Play the FunBrain Constelllation game.

Find out about DNA fingerprinting at this website for Ms. Brace's classes.

Dynamic Earth
Explore Earth's structure at this website.

New York State Regents Exam Prep

Earth on Edge - Ecosystems on with Bill Moyers

Build-a-Prairie ecosystem lesson from Bell Museum LIVE!

Explore Learning
Use this website for the Explore Learning lessons.

Fact Monster
Science Index

US Fish & Wildlife Department
Neighborhood Explorers

Laws of Motion
Use this link to go to the website about Newton's Laws of Motion.
Use this link to complete the second portion of your assignment.


Wikipedia List of Inventors
Academic Kids Encyclopedia - List of Inventors


Isaac Newton
Yahoo Kids Directory - Sir Isaac Newton

The Moon

Print out this worksheet [pdf] to use for these questions.
7th Grade Sicence classes are studying all about the Moon. Working from your worksheet, use this link for questions 3 -8.
Click here to find out the current phases of the moon for question 9 - 10 .
You must use the Farmer's Almanac to answer question 11
Look at a short movie of the phases of the moon. You have to scroll down to the botom f the page for the Lunation Movie and download the small movie.

Plate Tectonics
Click here for the website games all about plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Click on Preview Questions in Game from Crustal Composition Games to Plate Tectonics 2 Games and answer them all. Record your results on your paper. Use your BACK button to return to the listing of all the games.

The Seasons
Learning about the seasons is part of 7th Grade Science curriculum.
National Geographic lesson              Seasons Game              Seasons Puzzles

Video of Fall Foliage in Vermont (slow to load)

8th Grade classes are investigating sleep.

Science Careers
Investigate Science Careers