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Social Studies Curriculum

Secondary Social Studies Curriculum

Classroom Project Links:

For American History classes using ClassZone, click here.

Investigate current events by clicking here.

Politcal Cartoons for Mr. Rogers' class... Political Cartoons and Daryl Cagle's Cartoons 

Find out about Ancient Rome using two websites about names. Click on these for help with your name - Fact Monster and Behind the Name

Find out about the Crusades.

Explore different countries.|

Explore Arizona history by looking here.

Depression Era Photographs

ELP Social Studies is doing a unit on Arizona. Use this sites for your report -     Arizona Gazeteer    Arizona Counties    Historical maps

Investigate the European Union

Investigate Civil Rights and Black History Month with this webquest.

Click here for Civil War research links.

Juneteeth commemorates African American freedom and the end of slavery in America on June 19, 1865.

Click here to learn about famous people of the Roaring 20's Era.

Click here to investigate world religions.