Ms. Heidi Ross

Email: Click Here
Phone:(480) 472-2873

Hello, I am Heidi and I will be your 7th grade maths teacher. 

I was born at the Air Force Academy, in Colorado. I come from a Military family, I was Military, and Married into the Military.  With that I have lived all over the United States, and two different countries. However, I did finish my  Masters at GCU here in Arizona. 

I love all MATH.  I love that it is like a puzzle once the pattern is found the challenge is how to apply the pattern.  I want my students to understand that math is not hard, it is challenging yes.  Once, my students see the uses of math and the practicality of the use I feel that math becomes less scary. 

I coach soccer mostly because, I enjoy the strategy and math behind the game and soccer is a platform to show how math can be intertwined into something we all love.  I  coach cheer because I delight in how involved the squad is with the community and the school. They are always there to lend a helping hand, and help cheer you up when you are down. If you would like to donate to Cheer or Soccer please follow this LINK for online, or if you want to drop off or mail follow this LINK. Any questions please let me know. 


Lets begin our journey!

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