Mr. Jesus Cisneros

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Hello, I am an 8th grade math teacher at Carson. This will be my third year at Carson Junior High School, and I am very excited for the school year to begin. I attended Chandler-Gilbert Community College and received my Associate's Degree. Two years later, I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Special Education. I completed my student teaching at Carson and I decided I wanted to stay. 

I was born in California and lived there for 17 years. I moved to North Carolina when I joined the U.S. Army at 17, then after 5 years of service, I moved to Arizona to attend college. I am married, I have 3 children, and a dog. I have been a fan of the 49ers since I was 5 and I am still sad about that Super Bowl loss.

I am a strong believer in "growth mindset," the mistakes that we make, student or adult, are a part of how we grow, improve ourselves and our lives. In math, just as in life, we won't always get things correct the first time or immediately, it will take hard work and perseverance to achieve our goals. 

-Jesus Cisneros