While teaching overseas Coach Starkey loved showing appreciation for cultureCoach Jeff Starkey

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This is Coach Starkey. He was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is the second to youngest out 4 siblings. Both of his parents are from Michigan. So GO BLUE!!! Growing up in New Mexico he competing in many sports such as; basketball, baseball, swimming and track, but soccer was his primary sport by high school. After sitting out for 2 years due to ACL knee surgeries at Grand Canyon University, he was blessed to play 3 seasons on GCU's Soccer team. While in college he also coached soccer for three seasons at Shadow Mountain HS. Throughout college and several years after he also played on a few semi-professional soccer teams. After graduating with honors and his Bachelor's degree from Grand Canyon, Coach Starkey taught for 2 years back in Albuquerque. Then moved to the Middle East (an hour from Dubai) to live and teach for 6 years, where you guessed it he coached soccer teams and started leagues at these schools as well. After leaving the Middle East he taught for one year in Vietnam. This will be his 12th year teaching, and 3rd year here at Carson Junior High. He has a passion for healthy living, helping others strive to do better, and of course teaching PE. Especially working with people/students from different backgrounds and cultures. 

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