Welcome to the Google Chrome Support Site

Google Chrome is a fast, modern web browser developed by Google. Google Chrome provides the best possible experience when working with many of the web-based systems utilized in Mesa Public Schools and is the preferred browser for accessing Teachscape and MPSConnect

If you have been redirected to this page, then you are attempting to use MPSConnect or another MPS service that requires Google Chrome. Please download and install Google Chrome if you have not already done so, and try completing your action again with Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

Click Here to Download Google Chrome

Click Here to download Google Chrome for Mac.
Note for Mac users: Google Chrome is generally an optional install. 
If you have been redirected to this page, try completing your action again with Apple Safari instead of Internet Explorer.

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Chrome IconGoogle Chrome only needs to be installed one time. If you have installed Google Chrome, use the Google Chrome "orb" icon to open Google Chrome.

For more information about utilizing and customizing Chrome,
check out our Support Resources.

  • The first time Google Chrome is opened, the user is prompted to "Sign In and Sync". It is not necessary to "Sign In and Sync" to use Google Chrome.
  • We recommend selecting "Skip for now".
  • To learn more about "Sign In and Sync", check out our Chrome Support Resources.
  • Never use "Sign In and Sync" on a computer that you share with other people.
Sign In and Sync

To make Chrome easier to use and to ensure that you use the right browser with the right website, we recommend deleting any old Internet shortcuts to MPSConnect, Synergy, or Teachscape on your desktop.

Recognizing Different Browsers