beach charis at the beachKInderU's is a great place to be for young children, for their families, and for their teachers.

You will find:

  • warm and inviting classrooms
  • hands on learning everywhere you look
  • new friends
  • great playground for children to grow and develop large motor skills and to practice working with others
  • classrooms set up with centers that contain toys and materials that help young children develop social and emotional skills, cognitive skills, and small motor development
  • music and movement that provide a chance for young children to move to music and learn songs that help them grown and develop knowledge and to appreciate music in their lives

In Mesa's KinderU programs you'll see teachers moving around the room interacting with students using play activities and materials to help a young child learn about their world and to think in new ways about these new things.

A great place to discover more about Early Childhood Education is the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Click here to visit their website.