Classroom/School information:

Mesa Education Center

855 W. 8th Ave.

Mesa, AZ 85210

Room 1 (located in the portable, located between the playground and football field.)

Classroom phone number: 480-472-1001


School Hours:




What your child needs each day:

Snack (2 different food groups. Healthy choices please!)

Water Bottle (optional)  We do have a water fountain inside our classroom and on the playground.

Change of clothes (we'll keep these in the classroom to use if needed)


We begin the day by having you sign your child in using a full signature.  Students enter the room, drop off their personal items, and go straight to wash hands.  It is important to start the day with clean hands to help reduce the spread of germs.  Next, students get right into play time...which is learning time!boy stacking blocks

Our program is play-based and child centered.  The belief that children learn best through play, with adults there to guide, support, and challenge them, is my main focus.  I plan and utilize activities, classroom materials, and situations that provide students with not only academic growth, but with extremely significant social and emotional growth.  Yes, we are playing...but we are not "just" playing!