Public School Volunteer Week

Whereas, parent and community involvement is a significant factor in the quality of our schools and the success of our students; and
Whereas, we appreciate the dedicated volunteers who help teachers, administrators and support staff in countless ways; and
Whereas, volunteers reflect the highest values of our democratic society by representing people of all ages and all walks of life; 
Whereas, volunteers reap the rich rewards that come from helping others.

Now, therefore, we do hereby proclaim:

April 21-25
Public School Volunteer Week

We encourage everyone to join us in celebrating the vital work of our volunteers. We invite others to join our volunteer team to support our students and staff.

Signed this 8th day of April 2013, by:

Michael Hughes, Governing Board President
Michelle Udall, Governing Board Clerk
Michael Nichols, Governing Board Member
Steven Peterson, Governing Board Member 
Dr. Ben Whiting, Governing Board Member
Michael B. Cowan, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools 

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