Parent Communication 2016: Attendance notifications via SchoolMessenger

Check the automated attendance notification system daily to ensure accurate student attendance profiles.

Here are a couple of important reminders regarding attendance excuses from parents.



  • Check your school’s SchoolMessenger account for left messages via the automated attendance notification system. To check messages, simply log in to your SchoolMessenger account with the username attXXX (where XXX is your school’s three digit number).

  • Parents may also send notifications via the school’s attendance email account. Attendance email accounts have been delegated to most office specialists, attendance clerks and secretaries. To access the attendance account, simply log in to your own email and click on your round photo/initial on the upper right hand side to select <school> (delegated).



More and more parents prefer to use this method of reporting absences over traditional phone calls. It is vital to check these accounts and record the notification on Synergy daily so you will have more accurate attendance profiles for all of your students. This will also help with truancy tracking throughout the year.

If you need to reset your SchoolMessenger attendance password or to request attendance account delegation, please contact Communications and Marketing at x20223.


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