549 N. Stapley, Mesa, AZ


1. Review of Agenda Items
The Board briefly reviewed the agenda. Mrs. Sylvester-McCarroll about the additional charging stations at the high schools, which will enhance student learning by providing them locations to charge their devices. 

2. Review of Governing Board Calendar
The Board briefly reviewed its calendar through November 2016.

3. Update on Panorama Survey Results
Dr. O’Reilly and Mr. Carlisle gave an update on the Panorama survey results. This spring the Panorama survey was administered to students in 3rd through 12th grades across the District. The purpose of the survey is to give teachers student feedback and provides individual, school, and District results. The Panorama survey has five classroom scales which include:

  • Pedagogical Effectiveness – measures student perception of a teacher’s instruction methods and delivery of content.
  • Classroom Environment – measures student perception of the overall classroom climate.
  • Expectations and Rigor – measures student perception of the extent to which their teacher holds them to high expectations.
  • Student Engagement – measures student perceptions of their attention to and investment in what goes on in the classroom.
  • Supportive Relationships – measures student perception of a teacher’s care and support for the student’s development and well-being beyond the classroom.

Reports are also shared with principals as another source for feedback and discussion with the teacher. The survey results are not used as part of the teacher evaluation. 

4. Discussion on Student Use of Technology
Dr. DePrez led the discussion on student use of technology. She informed the Board that technology devices have taken the place of textbooks. Four out of six high schools are currently using 1:1 technology devices. A few group homes have requested to opt-out their students from taking possession of a device. Basically, they do not want to be responsible for the device. Dr. DePrez asked the Board for direction regarding these requests as this is not a program but instruction. The Board agreed that there is no opt-out option for students using the devices but did state that students should have the option of not taking them home if it presents a problem (i.e. no Internet at home, homeless student, etc.). 

5. Updates from Board Members/Superintendents
Mr. Smith provided an update on the Arizona School Board Association (ASBA) Delegate Assembly. The main focus was on the state's educational budget. He also stated that there is no large district representation on ASBA's Legislative Committee.

Mrs. Richardson expressed her appreciation of Mr. Tom Pickrell, General Counsel, and Dr. O'Reilly for their expertise that was shared at the ASBA Law Conference. She also expressed her desire to shorten the ineligibility period of students who play sports. This topic will be addressed at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.


Mr. Peterson provide an update on the Audit Committee meeting. He stated that the state auditors didn't find anything major in the District's yearly audit. 


1. Minutes
On the motion of Mr. Nichols, the Board approved the minutes of a regular meeting held August 30, 2016.

2. Personnel Requests
On the motion of Mrs. Richardson, the Board unanimously approved the certificated and classified personnel requests, including an addendum.

3. Consent Agenda
On the motion of Mr. Nichols, the Board unanimously approved the consent agenda according to the recommended action for each item.

4. Superintendent's Report
Dr. Cowan reported on the following:

As part of Constitution Week, students will be participating in a variety of activities, including flag-raising ceremonies, lessons about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and patriotic assemblies.

Jennifer Goode, gifted and talented teacher at Johnson, Porter, and Robson elementary schools, has been named the 2016 Javits-Frasier Scholar by the National Association for Gifted Children (NACG). This program recognizes passionate, innovative educators who work in districts serving students from low-income and minority populations that are historically underrepresented in gifted education. Jennifer will spend the year working with a mentor and participating in extensive professional development. She will receive complimentary admittance to the 2016 NACG Annual Conference.

Crismon Elementary School and its PTA is one of 173 teams across the country to be recognized as 2016-2018 National PTA® Schools of Excellence for their leadership and accomplishments in building strong, effective family-school partnerships.

The National Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the National Let’s Move Active Schools announced their medal recipients for 2016. Nineteen District schools received both of these awards.

Irving and Salk elementary schools received the silver award. Eisenhower Center for Innovation, Summit Academy, and Crismon, Field, Hermosa Vista, Holmes, Jefferson, Johnson, Lowell, Mendoza, Pomeroy, Robson, Roosevelt, Sirrine, Stevenson, Taft, and Webster elementary schools received the bronze award.

The Alliance, along with Let’s Move, works with schools to promote healthy environments where children can develop positive lifelong habits. Award-winning schools model healthy behaviors and incorporate them in classrooms. District and community partnerships provide schools with a  foundation for success. Food and Nutrition assists with providing nutritious, affordable meals based on the USDA dietary guidelines. The City of Mesa offers promotional activities such as the International Walk to School Week. Health Services promotes helmet safety and walking and biking to school safety. Elementary Physical Education works to ensure students receive top-notch instruction and understand the importance and benefits of physical, psychological, and social physical activity.

Fall sports are in full swing, including badminton, cheer and pom, cross country, diving, football, golf, swimming, and girls’ volleyball.

Mesa’s six comprehensive high schools received a custom–wrapped bus to show their school spirit. Buses will be used to transport students to academic and athletic events.

Mesa Public Schools has a senior citizen Gold Card discount for residents who are 62 or older and live within the District’s boundaries. The cards are free and give seniors the opportunity to enjoy free or discounted admissions to plays, concerts, musical theater, and sporting events. For more information about this program go to the community resources tab on the Communications and Marketing webpage.

Mesa Public Schools has launched its Mesa United Way campaign. Many families in our school community benefit from programs sponsored by Mesa United Way.

Mountain View High School claimed the 28th spot on the Phoenix Business Journal’s list of the top 50 public high schools in Arizona. School rankings are determined by the 2015 average SAT scores.

5. Proclamation
Mrs. Richardson read a proclamation in recognition of September 17, 2016, as Citizenship Day, and September 17 -23, 2016, as Constitution Week.

On the motion of Mr. Nichols, the Board unanimously adopted the proclamation. 

6. Presentation on 1:1 Rollout and Device Protection Plan
Nathan Myers and David Sanders made a presentation on the 1:1 rollout and device protection plan. Last year, Skyline and Westwood high schools became the first 1:1 high schools in the District. Skyline High School had 2,475 technology devices issued and experienced a one percent loss at the end of the year. Westwood High School had 3,100 technology devices issued and experienced a three percent loss. The national average is between six – eight percent loss. Last year, 3,501 devices were issued at the junior high sites and 5,870 were issued at the elementary schools. This summer there were 18 interns hired and an additional 15,000 devices deployed. These combined with the technology devices from last year, means that a total of 33,652 laptops were touched this summer. 

Mr. Myers updated the Board on the Blended Learning Programs of Study for 2016. The classes were held May 31 through June 30, and teachers could choose to take classes online, face-to-face, or a combination of these. There were 418 teachers who completed the program. All teachers completed a capstone project, and there was an overall 4.59 out of 5 participant rating. On-site support at the high schools consists of two EdTech trainers, two On-line Instructional Design Coaches (OIDC), and one technician.

Tamara Addis, Dobson High School Principal, spoke on the rollout at her campus this year. Parent meetings were conducted during the summer. Teachers and students are very excited and positive about the new technology.

7. First Hearing
A first hearing was held on proposed changes to Governing Board Policy GBEA – Use of Physical Force or Restraint for Defense/Protection. Dr. Holmes reviewed the proposed changes to this policy. 

A second hearing and action on this policy will take place at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.