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Request general information

Call the main phone number at (480) 472-0000.

         This e-mail goes to the director of the Communications and Marketing Department.
         If your question is about your student or a school, please include the school name.

Media inquiries

Request student transcripts and/or records (identification required)

Request public records

Contact a school or department



Call (480) 472-0000 for the district operator.

Visit a website, share a comment or ask a question

School boundaries (attendance areas): Call (480) 472-0238 or (480) 472-0230.

School lunches: Call 480) 472-0900.

Special education: Call (480) 472-0702.

School bus transportation:

I live east of Val Vista Drive: Call (480) 472-8950.
I live west of Val Vista Drive: Call (480) 472-6100.
My child rides a special education bus: Call (480) 472-0160.
I would like to call the Transportation office: Call (480) 472-0178.

Silent Witness: Call (480) 472-7867.


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