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McKinney-Vento training for all staff

Student homelessness is a growing issue in Arizona and across the country. According to School House Connections, "Homelessness is associated with an 87 percent increased likelihood of dropping out of school (the highest of all risk factors studied)." Mesa Public Schools had more than 1,200 students identified as homeless last year.  All district staff is required to watch a...
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Reminder to Speak Up

Take this opportunity to share your experiences and opinions.

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Election update

The Nov. 6 election results are official. Thankfully, the $300 million bond question passed with just over 50% of the votes cast. This success is the narrowest margin the district has ever experienced. Unfortunately, the override results did not change and it did not pass, for the first time since its inception in 1995. The decision to place the override on a future ballot rests with the...
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Regarding the bond and override election

Dear Mesa Public Schools employees, At this point, results indicate the bond and override did not pass in yesterday’s election. Official results are days away. Failure of the bond and override is a major disappointment to the district as many of our plans for the future safety and success of our students and staff relied on these funding streams. The administrative team has spent...
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Mesa Public Schools, SpeakUp!

The 2018 SpeakUp survey is now open. Respond today.

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