A Day

Students arrive on campus after 8:05 and have a short morning recess and gathering time before the first bell at 8:20.  Classes line up at the first bell and head to their classroom.  Attendance and announcements are completed and classes begin.  A class typically has a 90 minute literacy block, math block, writing, Science or Social Studies lesson. Each class has web enabled computers in them and many staff utilize this technology to provide video streaming for lessons, skill practice and research capabilities within their room.Students have a morning recess and lunch break.  Classes complete with a final bell at 2:55 (1:55 on Wednesdays) and students walk, ride or bus home unless they are in an after-school activity. 

Child Care Programs

Crismon has a daycare program provider for before and after school care.  The program is Xplore! and is run through Community Education.  

Questions...Their number is 480-472-7250 or visit their site.


Homework is an integral component of the instructional day and is designed to reinforce skills taught. Each teacher determines the length of homework assignments. All of our students are encouraged to read and practice their math facts each evening.


During the course of the year, different grade levels offer clubs to students to extend learning and create fun opportunities for kids. Our school offers after school tutoring.  Specific grade levels offer clubs such as service learning club, running club, chess and checkers club, and yearbook. There is also an opportunity to attend sessions after school which require a payment to attend. Information about all of the clubs can be found in flyers sent home throughout the year. 

Field Trips

Zoos, camps, museums, plays, and concerts are just a few of the field trips scheduled throughout the year. School buses are used for transportation and funds for these events come from tax credit donations, and student council funds.