Here is a top ten list of common questions for families...

1. Are you on Crismon Road in east Mesa?
No. We are located in the southwest part of Mesa. The boundaries are...
East from Alma School, west from Country Club, south from the US 60 (freeway) to the canal north on the East portion of Extension .

2. What do I need to register?

To register please bring the following:

1.  A certificate of live birth (county record)  
2.  A record of all immunizations
3.  A document stating your current address (e.g.  driver’s license,  purchase or rental agreement, utility bill addressed to you)

 The name/address of the previously attended school is also needed for us to complete a records request to transfer a student to our campus.

3. What time does school start?  

The first bell is @ 8:20.  Students not in class @ 8:25 are considered tardy.

4. Do students wear uniforms?
No. All students clothing must fit with District Guidelines, but we do not have a uniform policy.

5. What if my child is sick?
Please call 480-472-4068 to let the school know the reason your child will be out.  You will get an automated call to let you know your child is absent.  It is the family's responsibility to contact the school for this notification.

6. How do I find out about assignments or homework?
Call or email the teacher directly.  All staff has voicemail and email for their classes.  Go to staff link to find that information for your child's class.

7.  How do I find out about school events?
The website is the most current and accurate source for information. 
Crismon also produces a newsletter 1-2 times per month called the Crismon Chronicle.  It is also available on the web. 

8.  What is ECA?

ECA is a tax credit program that lets Arizona taxpayers designate money for schools.  See the link for more information.

9. What do kids do for fun at your school?
Crismon is fortunate to have a great staff that offers a variety of experiences for students.  There are clubs that typically run after school, Accelerated Reader for personal reading development, Band and Orchestra classes, Fine Arts classes for grades 4-6 and an Intramural Sports program for grades 4-6 sponsored by the PE department.