Building Better Readers- Tips from the U.S. Dept. of Education


Let them hear your voice often--read, sing, and talk to them

Let them look at book with colorful pictures- point out what the pictures tell you

Repeat stories- repetition builds confidence

Use actions as you read



Teach letter sounds of alphabet

Build vocabulary with correct terms

Skim as you read- using your finger to model the path of reading

Repeated stories- let them fill in a spot they can remember

Let them pretend read- hold the book, turn pages, make up what is said


Primary Grade Readers

Make reading a daily practice

Listen to them read to you

As they read, tell them words they do not know

Keep a journal with words and pictures

Regularly get library books


Intermediate Grade Readers

Limit television, video games, and music - keep reading a part of each day

Create a literacy rich home- books, magazines, newspapers

Use maps, calendars, planners, recipes, schedules, directions as chances to read

Discuss what they read in sections rather than wait until the end- check for understanding

Word Games- build vocabulary, mix your use of advanced words

High Frequency Word Sets