Professional Learning Community

CTE District PLC Expectations

Norm Setting Form

Minutes Form

SMART Goal Common Assessments

SMART Goal Data Analysis

SMART Goal Scope and Sequence

Non Stock Requisition Form 

All requests for items to be purchase are to be made on the Non Stock Requisition form and submitted to appropriate person.

Travel PARF  

Instructions on how to complete PARF (Personnel Action Request Form)

CTSO Travel Estimate

This form is to be completed and submitted for approval.  Once approval has been given complete travel requests.

Lesson Plan Template

This form is to be used to create district lesson plans.

Capital Equipment Request

Requests for capital equipment and for instructional aids are to be sent through the Career & Technical Education office.  Unless each request is tied to a particular course and it's state standards, it will not be considered.  Requests must be submitted by the department chairperson and meet the following guidelines.Click here for information regarding Capital Equipment Guideliines

Work Request 

All requests are to be made on the Work Order Form and turned in to the program Specialist. After request is made, the Specialist will notify the teacher if request was approved or denied.

Professional Development

To receive the professional development portion of the CTE stipend, complete the form and turn in to your program specialist.