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2014-2015 Perkins & Networking Goals

For the 2014-15 school year, all CTE teachers will continue focusing on the integration of the Arizona College and Career Ready English Language Arts and Math standards. Program Professional Learning Communities will work to develop lesson plans to achieve this goal.  Teaching the Education and Earning Potential lesson modeled at the September pull-out training sessions will provide a jump-start to this process.  PLCs will then identify additional complex text to that aligns to program Technical Standards, write text dependent questions, and create a culminating writing task to assign students at all sites.  PLCs will discuss math found within the curriculum and create and teach math enhanced lessons with the aid of the CTE Math Coaches as needed.  All necessary files are linked below.

Education and Earning Potential Lesson Plan

Power Points Handouts Articles with Lexile Scores Text Dependent Questions Grading Rubrics Other Resources
ELA          Anchor Standards
Writing Task          
Using Kuder Navigator for Researching Careers Quick Tips for Navigator powered by Kuder         
Analyzing Career Earnings          
Hourly vs Salary          

2013-2014 Perkins & Networking Goals

For the 2013-14 school year, all teachers will focus on becoming familiar with the new English Language Arts and Math Common Core standards. Teachers will crosswalk appropriate Common Core standards with their program area and begin working on integrating standards where appropriate.


Agricultural - AG30

AP Computer Programming - CB40

    Automotive  - IT92

Biomedical - HE70

Biotechnology  - SC48

Computer Technology  - CB09

Construction - IT61

Culinary Arts- FS41

Computer Maintenance

Education Professions -  FS52 Engineering -  IT41 Graphic Communications - AR21
Graphic Communications/Digital Publications -  GV30 HS Career Exploration -  CE01 Junior High Computer Business
Junior High FACS Junior High Industrial Technology Marketing - BE52
Preschool Sports Medicine -  HE71 Video Production  - GV20
Welding - IT71



Common Core State Standards

Common Core Link

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