2019-2020 Perkins & Networking Goals

Junior High Perkins Requirements

Networking Goal Requirements

Success in the New Economy Video Presentation

Success in the New Economy Download (Google Drive)

Education and Earning Potential

High School Version - Navigator and Math 

PowerPoints Note Sheets Lesson Plans

Getting Students Logged on To Navigator

High School Version - Math


Note Sheet for High School Students

High School Version


Supplemental Lesson PowerPoint Supplemental Note Sheet Supplemental Lesson Plan

 Hourly vs Annual Salary


Hourly vs. Annual Salary

Student Note Sheet 

Hourly vs. Annual Salary Optional Math Lesson Plan

Introduction to Education and Earning Potential

Junior High Version - Navigator and Math 

PowerPoint Handouts/Materials Lesson Plan


Career Clusters

Occupational Profiles

Dictator Game

Career Clusters

Career Cluster Handout


Career Cluster Lesson Plan

Resources -MUST READ!

PowerPoint Note Sheet  Salary Lists/Activity Sheet  


Jr. High Version  - Math


Jr. High Note Sheet


Note Sheet as Cornell Notes

Industrial Tech Salary Sheet

Information Tech Salary Sheet

FACS Salary Sheet

STEM Salary Sheet



Additional Resources

PowerPoints Handouts Articles with Lexile Scores Text Dependent Questions

Writing/ Performance Task and

Grading Rubrics

Other Resources
ELA overview for new teachers Preparing for a CTE Reading/Writing Integrated Lesson Checklist

Student Debt 


Writing / Performance
Task Options
for lesson presented 


AzCCR Anchor Standards

Writing/Performance Tasks Writing Text Dependent Questions L1290
Your Education

Sample TDQs Explanatory 
Writing Task
AzCCR Anchor Standards
Using Kuder Navigator for Researching Careers Quick Tips for Navigator powered by Kuder  L1320
Most and Least Likely
Writing Task

 Determining Lexile Scores  L1610
It's Not a Skills Gap
   Junior High Writing Task Rubric  

Close Reading and TDQs for lesson

Steps to Close Reading  L1610
Why a College Degree? 
Midwinter Conference ELA Power Point    L1610
College is a Waste

 Preparing for a CTE Math Lesson Checklist  L1730
The Rising Cost
Sample TDQs    

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