CTE in Common Core

2013-2014 Perkins & Networking Goals

For the 2013-14 school year, all teachers will focus on becoming familiar with the new English Language Arts and Math Common Core standards. Teachers will crosswalk appropriate Common Core standards with their program area and begin working on integrating standards where appropriate.


Agricultural - AG30

AP Computer Programming - CB40

    Automotive  - IT92

Biomedical - HE70

Biotechnology  - SC48

Computer Technology  - CB09

Construction - IT61

Culinary Arts- FS41

Education Professions -  FS52

Engineering -  IT41 Graphic Communications - AR21 Graphic Communications/Digital Publications -  GV30
HS Career Exploration -  CE01 Junior High Computer Business Junior High FACS
Junior High Industrial Technology Marketing - BE52 Preschool
Sports Medicine -  HE71 Video Production  - GV20 Welding - IT71



Common Core State Standards

Common Core Link

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