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Mesa Public Schools Student/Internship Job Openings

CTE Program & Position Alignment

The chart below aligns CTE programs with district positions. Based on the program you’ve participated in, you should apply for the following positions:



CTE Program

MPS Internship/Job Applications

-Automotive Technologies

Automotive Technologies

-Business Leadership, Technology, Operations

-Sales & Marketing

Business, Technology, Operations Support

-Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

-Digital Photography

-Digital Communication

-Video Production

-Sales and Marketing (if have digital media experience)

Digital Media




-Education Professions

Preschool Instructional Assistant

-Environmental Services


-Software Development

Software Development

-Video Production

Video Production


If your CTE program is not listed, but you are interested in a different position within the district, please contact your school's CTE Internship Coordinator, and they will contact you if a position opens up.