Friday, March 9th, 2018

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Device Health

Does your screen lock when you touch it? Is your screen developing a large black spot in the corner? Is your student device just not working quite like it used to? If you’re experiencing any of these problems, you’re not alone. Many of these issues can be resolved while you’re in class by our student techs, even screen replacements are swapped out quickly minimizing the downtime from your device. You can submit a Student Help Desk ticket and read up on some simple troubleshooting from the Dobson Tech Center page or stop into the Tech Center during your lunch.

 Summer School

Summer school information for Mesa High School is now available in Student Advisement department.

College/School Visits


Sports and the Arts


Athletic event entrance fees

Students without an activity card $3.00
Students with an activity card Free
Adults $5.00
Staff members Free
Child under eight years of age Free





La Famiglia Mustangs of the Month

Freshmen: Connor Busha and Andres Rios Munoz

Sophomore: Brooke Stratman, Reagan Yates, and Amara Wilson

Junior: Daja Torres and Sebastian Caskey

Senior: Emma Budinger, Karen Lopez, and Esoc Jiminez

Teacher: Ms. Layton and Mr. Redd


Student Trip Reduction Survey

Juniors and seniors – would you like to win a $25 Target gift card? Just leave your car at home and carpool, walk, ride the bus or a bicycle to and from school during March or April to be entered to win. See the bulletin boards around campus for more information. Submit your entry form online at

Yearbook Special Sale

There is no bigger regret than missing out on your yearbook! Did you miss out on buying last year's yearbook? Well then we have good news. Right now, if you buy the 2017-18 yearbook, you can get last year's yearbook for only $30. That is two books for only 50 dollars each! That's right! for 100 dollars you can get the yearbooks for this year AND last year. Don't miss out on this great deal, go see Vicki in the bookstore today to buy your yearbook!

Important Dates

Visit our Dobson Pride Page!



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