Dobson’s School Improvement Advisory Committee


Are you interested in being a part of the guidance and direction setting for Dobson High School?  Do you want to work with other committed adults and students for the betterment of this campus?  If so, Dobson’s SIAC is for you.


The School Improvement Advisory Committee is an elected body consisting of 5 parents, 5 staff members, three students and a community member.  The adults serve two year terms and the student members serve one year terms.


The SIAC meets on a monthly basis for about an hour to discuss the schools direction, up coming events, optional student travel, and other items that the community brings forward to discuss.  The SIAC is a powerful community voice that helps govern and guide the many wonderful programs at Dobson High School.



  • Carmen Benford, Chair
  • David Frederick
  • Marta Connally, Recorder
  • Erin Meldrum
  • Kelly Dieu
  • Sarah Meraz
  • Cailee Benford
  • Leslie Flores
  • Jacob Martinez
  • Carolanne Smith
  • Sarah Albach
  • Tiffany Bunstein
  • Kim Soukup, Membership
  • Open Seat
  • Open Seat