New Student Enrollment

Dobson is open daily for new student enrollment.  We are accepting open enrollment at this time depending on program availability.  Please come to the front office behind the flag pole and bring the 5 pages of forms listed on the district web page or pick up paperwork in the front office.

Open Enrollment

Questions Rebecca Aguirre 480-472-3005

Dobson Fax 480-472-3075

Welcome to Dobson.  Dobson has 3 types of students.

1.  "Resident Students" live within the Dobson boundaries.   Maps & Locators  Check out the boundary map

2.  "Nonresident Students" live outside the district but within the state.  These students will need to apply for open enrollment.

3.  "Resident Transfer Students" live within the district but outside Dobson's attendance area.  These students will also need to apply for open enrollment.

Enrollment Paperwork

1.  Certified copy of birth certificate.  (A Passport, application for social security number, baptismal certificate are also acceptable)

2.  Proof of address in students name (if at least 18) or guardians name.  (Motor vehicle registration, Mortgage payment receipt, Lease agreement, Rent receipt, Utility bill, Tax return, Bank account statement, Paycheck, Employer letter on letterhead)

3.  Immunization records.

4.  AIMS records (High School only).

5.  IEP, 504 Plan records if applicable.

6.  Guardianship Papers if applicable.

7.  Unoffical transcripts. These records can be faxed to Dobson.  (Registration will send for official records after the student starts school at Dobson)

8.  Withdrawal papers.  These papers can be faxed to Dobson.  Not needed for summer registration.

9.  Open Enrollment Application (if needed, see above)

Please bring all paperwork to the front office on the day of registration.  If you do not have all paperwork in hand as long as you have an unofficial transcript, withdrawal papers and the student's IEP (only if student has one) a student can register.  Birth certificates and proof address can be provided within 30 days if necessary.  Please do not hesitate to call 480-472-3052 if you have any questions.  We would like all students to enroll as soon as possible.

Enrollment Forms