School Dances
Homecoming, Prom, and Other School Functions

Homecoming & Prom are considered 'formal attire' events. Appropriate attire includes suits & ties, cocktail-style dresses, & gowns. Modesty is appreciated / expected regarding strapless & spaghetti strap style dresses.

All dances offer 'single' tickets. Ticket prices are customarily offered at a pre-sale discount at the school bookstore. 

General Behavior Expectations

This year, students are prohibited from bringing bags to school dances.  

School staff, security, & Mesa Police serve as dance chaperones. Student & guest behavior is expected to meet guidelines outlined in the student handbook.  

Once students have been admitted into a dance / event, they will not be permitted to leave & return to the dance / event.    

Students (1) exhibiting inappropriate behavior or (2) under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be removed. Refunds will not be given.

Specific expectations regarding dress and grooming can be found here. ALL attire must cover the abdomen, buttocks and chest.  See through attire is also prohibited.  If you're unsure if your attire meets the criteria, please see an administrator prior to purchasing or renting your attire. Thank you.      

Student fines will prohibit a student from purchasing a dance ticket.  Therefore, any student wanting to attend a dance must be debt free in order to purchase a ticket.  Fees and fines can be paid in the Bookstore.      

HOCO tickets are available NOW in the Bookstore and until 3:30 on September 20.  Tickets will NOT be sold at the door.  


All guests must have an approved guest pass on file prior to the dance / event. Guest pass applications are not accepted at the door. Guest pass applications require a photocopy of a picture ID and are available in the Bookstore.