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Dobson Student Advisors are available to help students with scholarships, graduation, fee waivers, personal/social matters, schedule concerns, and college/career matters. Students can schedule an appointment with their advisor by filling out the online appointment request from their smartphone or their Lenovo.


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Joaquin Bustoz Math-Science Honors Program at ASU

The JBMSHP at Arizona State University is an intense academic program that allows student participants to reside on the Tempe campus for a six or eight week summer session while enrolled in a university-level mathematics course for college credit. The program provides high school students an opportunity to begin studying university mathematics and science coursework while gaining university...
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Midwestern University-AZ Regional Brain Bee

Interested in participating in a spelling-bee style neuroscience contest? It's Monday, January 29, 5:00-9:30 p.m. The winner receives a $2000 scholarship to MWU and two round-trip airline tickets to participate in the National Brain Bee. Register by January 23. Flyer is available online at
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Dobson Scholarship Calendar

Dobson Student Advisement has created a calendar for students that incorporates scholarships found on several different local websites and allows you to save a scholarship to your own calendar if you want to apply for it.  Scholarships due in January are posted on the calendar! Check it out at Take some...
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Nacel Youth German Exchange Program

Interested in spending a year abroad as an exchange student in Germany? This unique program allows graduating high school seniors to spend a year in Germany living with a host family, participating in a school or training program, and getting hands-on work experience through an internship with a German company. The application deadline is January 31, 2018. Applications can be downloaded at...
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Northeastern University Torch Scholars Program

Interested in going to Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts? The Torch Scholars program is a full-tuition scholarship program, including room/board. Torch Scholars are first-generation college students who have demonstrated leadership, are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and have been enrolled in college prep classes during high school. Students must apply for admissions by...
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Donette Bone

(A - AV, SPED)
(480) 472 - 3028

Carrie Miller

(AY - ESP)
(480) 472 - 3022

Christa Mussi

(480) 472 - 3019

Jeni Nye

(480) 472 - 3038

Zack Sumnicht

(ME - ROR)
(480) 472 - 3021

Rafael Nabozny

(480) 472 - 3279

Allee Meere

Social Worker
(480) 472 - 3020

Cami Fessenden

Student Advisement Assistant
(480) 472 - 3037

Melissa Carrasco

Mesa Community College Advisor
(480) 472 - 3046

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Alexandra Meere, MSW

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Melissa Carrasco


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