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Freshman Family Meetings

We believe that student success is a collaborative effort between school and home. We meet with all freshman students and their families during the first semester of their 9th grade year. At this meeting we will:

  • Discuss your student's academic, career, post-secondary and extracurricular goals
  • Check in on how a student is transitioning to high school
  • Provide resources to help students be successful in their classes and in school
  • Develop a four-year plan of classes that align to your student's college and career goals
Call or email your son/daughter's Student Adviser directly or call 480-472-3037 to schedule your Freshman Family Meeting today!

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AVID Program

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Dual Enrollment

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Mesa Distance Learning Program (MDLP)

Academic Support

Dobson teachers want their students to succeed. All teachers have office hours and encourage students to get extra help in their classes (before school, after school, and during lunch (you have 40 minutes - use your time wisely!). If you are struggling in one or more of your classes, make it a point to see your teacher! One on one time with your teacher a few days a week will make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

Tutoring & Academic Interventions

Open Work Lab (OWL) &
Student Success Intervention Program (SSIP)

Universal Strategies for Success

Tips for Student Success

Khan Academy

Online tutorials in a variety of subjects

MCC Outreach Center

Credit Recovery Programs

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Junior Family Meetings

Proper post-secondary planning is essential for students to reach their college and career goals. We meet with all Junior student and their families during the 2nd semester of their Junior year. At this meeting we will:

  • Discuss your student's academic, career, post-secondary and extracurricular goals
  • Review your student's graduation status and 4 year plan of classes
  • Provide information and guidance on the college application and admission process
  • Provide scholarship and financial aid resources
  • Provide information and resources for the SAT and ACT college entrance exams

Call or email your son/daughter's Student Adviser directly or call 480-472-3037 to schedule your Junior Family Meeting today!

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MPS District Summer School

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