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Education Professions is a program of study within Career and Technical Education. At Dobson one of our courses in the Education Professions area is the Teacher Training Program FS 53. Designed by the University of South Carolina our curriculum comprises the areas of Learning and Teaching. It is a year long course specifically aimed at those students who are interested in a career in education such as a teacher, administrator, school counselor,etc. However, students who are interested in other careers where they will work with children will also find this course beneficial. Dual credit is available through Mesa Community College for the EDU 221 course that is required of all education majors. 

Students in this course will create books, puppets and other teaching tools to use during the twice a week internship time in a public school classroom. Service Learning hours will be granted for the internship time which is during our class period. Involvement in the Future Educators of America Club is also encouraged.



FS 53


 I.                   The Learner


·        Know thyself as a learner

·        Self-concept and the learner

·        Human growth and development

·        The Learner from birth to five years

·        The Learner from six to ten years

·        The Adolescent Learner

·        Special Needs Education

·        Barriers to Learning


II.           The School

·        History of Education

·        Alternatives of Education

·        Governance of Schools

·       The Future of Schools


III.      The Teacher

·        Teachers Yesterday and Today

·        Process of Teaching

·        Methods of Teaching

·       Teaching Math, Science, and Foreign Language


IV.          Internship and Projects