More Info for Teachers

Need to reserve a computer lab or table space

in the library?

Check the Master Calendar for available times then click Library Reservation Form to submit a request.


For your information:  We have 78 total computers


East Lab  37 total computers (19 on the floor, 16 in room #803).    EAST LAB MAP

West Lab  41 total computers (21 on the floor, 20 in room #818).   WEST LAB MAP 


Note:  Log in time is greatly reduced if students sign in to the same computer each time.  If you would like a COMPUTER LAB MAP  so that you can assign computers to your students click the appropriate links above.


Table Space we have two separate areas that will accommodate up to 36 students each.

Check out - this is if you want to bring your class in to check out books.


For more detailed information check the "Teacher Information" link to the left.


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