The philosophy of the Dobson Performing Arts Department reflects a belief that the good of the student should be the most important consideration in decisions at all levels of public education.

The primary aims of the  ensembles within the Dobson Performing Arts Department are to help students develop decision-making skills and responsibility as well as provide them a medium for self-expression. These are developed through the performing ensembles as the students learns their importance to the group and how to live cooperatively within that group.

It is the duty of the music staff to aid the students in the acquisition of technical and musical skills and to expose the students to a wide variety of musical literature, while offering the opportunity for successful performance. The performance setting shall also help students:

1. gain an appreciation of self and of each other;

2. realize the power of music in bringing people closer together,

3. understand the importance of excellence in performance,

4. gain a highly aesthetic experience.




Department Chair / Orchestra /AP Theory  Rob Lubbers (480) 472-3205
Vocal / Guitar Whitney Reed (480) 472-3217

Band Jennifer Howard (480) 472-3220
Band / Guitar Jacob Campos  
(480) 472-3221