Every fall some students from our Marine Biology classes go to the Catalina Island Marine Institute to experience Marine Biology first hand and develop an appreciation for the Earth's oceans and learn about the importance of keeping them clean and healthy.


Fog dissipating

CIMI Labs and Curriculum:

At the institute the students participate in hands-on Marine Biology labs that include fish, algae, invertebrates, oceanography, plankton, mammals, and sharks. They learn how to snorkel and swim in the ocean where they experience many of their labs in the wild.

Here are students enjoying the Fish Lab:

 Fish Lab


Here are students learning about Invertebrates Lab:

Excited about Invertebrates!

Holding a slimy invertebrate 

Here are students gaining an understanding of the importance of sharks in the Shark Lab:

 Shark Lab

Here are students making algae presses in the Algae Lab:

Making algae presses

Here are students learning about oceanography:

Checking the salt content of ocean water

Here at the Plankton Lab students learn what they have been swallowing in the their snorkeling activities:

Here's plankton

Here are our students exploring the Mammal Lab:

Learning about mammals