A few tweaks to the schedule and lunch.

In this issue:
  • New Schedule 
  • 25 Minute intervention time during 3rd Hour.
  • Two Lunches (A & B)
  • Ask your 4th hour teacher which lunch you have.

Dobson Families, 

The Mesa Governing Board and Superintendency have approved some measures to help decrease the amount of students in a single space at one time. Our teachers are moving desks out of groups and trying to space students out as much as possible. We know that going from one lunch to two lunches will help with the number of students out in the cafeteria at any given time, so as of Monday, August 30th, we are going to move to a two-lunch bell schedule. The schedule can be found on our website as well as this LINK.

This means that our RoundUp time will now be attached to our third hour class and it will be a school-wide opportunity to get an additional time built in the day for studying, completing homework, resubmitting assignments, and getting ahead. 

Teachers will talk with their classes tomorrow to make sure students know what to expect and what lunch they will have. 

Hearts Full of Glory, 

Gabbi Buckley - Principal


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