In order to compete on this year's athletic teams, Student Athletes must meet all of the following requirements and be cleared through the Athletic Department at Dobson High School:

  • Student-Athletes must have the recent physical forms on file. 
  • Student-Athletes must provide a health history form on file. 
  • Student-Athletes must be registered on line with: - this must be done for each sport that you are wishing to participate in for the upcoming school year. .
  • Student-Athletes must have a mid traumatic brain injury concussion form on file (Brainbook) if you are transferring in from another school, you must bring a copy of your Brainbook certificate or must re-take the test.

All of the above mentioned forms can be picked up, as a packet, at Mrs. Koch's desk in the Adminstration (Athletic) Office on the Dobson campus .  The forms may also be downloaded from the Mesa Public Schools District Athletic website:  On the left are the links for each form:


Student-Athletes must live within the school attendance area. If the student-athlete does not  live in the attendance area, they must have an approved open enrollment form on file and meet additional requirements set forth by the Arizona Interscholastic Association.


Home schooled students must be registered with the State Department of Education. If registered, home schooled students are eligible in the school district in which they reside. Home schooled students must meet all other conditions of athletic eligibility including academic requirements.


If a Student -Athlete becomes 19 years of age after September 1st, they are eligible to compete for the remainder of the school year. A Student-Athlete is only eligible for eight semesters from the time of enrollment in the 9th grade. The 7th and 8th semesters must be consecutive.


                            EXCHANGE STUDENTS

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ELIGIBILITY - Prefatory Statement: In an effort to preserve and promote interscholastic competitive opportunities for Arizona students and further the goals of competitive fairness and equity, and recognizing the concerns of AIA member schools related to displacement of Arizona students by students from foreign countries, the following bylaw addresses the interscholastic eligibility status of international students attending an AIA member school:

Foreign Exchange Students: A foreign exchange student is a student that is in the U.S. under a J-1 Visa, and who is placed in a school by an educational exchange program approved by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET). A foreign exchange student is eligible at a school in the attendance zone of the home in which the student is placed. A foreign exchange student must meet all other eligibility requirements and is eligible for a maximum of one school year. 15.15.2 International Students: An international student is a student who is in the U.S. under any Visa or document other than a J-1 Visa and who is attending an AIA member school. Except as stated below with regard to domicile, an international student must meet all eligibility requirements of any regularly enrolled student. An international student is eligible only for non-varsity level competition, which may include only 9th through 11th grade, and is not at any time of enrollment eligible for varsity level competition. With regard to domicile, an international student’s non-varsity eligibility shall be at a school in the attendance zone of the home in which the student is placed.