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Jun 2020

Well, this is going to be an interesting school year.  As I write this, DHS (and schools across the country) are up in the air about how the school year with be conducted.  This is definitely the time to follow the Key to Air power - Flexibility!

This past year was on par with previous outstanding years with outstanding cadets doing outstanding things.  We can only send out our thanks and admiration for those cadets, especially the Senior Staff and AS-IV cadets, that made the year another special one for all.  We congratulate those that graduated and hope their future is bright. 

There is little I can say at this point other than we will be back and we will still have opportunities to show the school, community and world that AFJROTC cadets are citizens of character.

If you are finding little worthwhile to do in this age of shutdowns and "stay at home orders" and want to get a head start on the year, check out the new Cadet Handbook (now in two parts) and syllabus for your level in the program.  We will be following the AS-I, AS-III (AS-II and AS-III cadets) and AS-IV syllabus for this upcoming year.

In the mean time remember, man has a way of overcoming.  We have done so in the past.  We will do so again.

Let's look forward to a great year whatever may come and persevere as AFJROTC cadets always do!



Jun 2019

Another year down and the cadet staff is already hard at work getting ready for next year.  A few more days and we'll all be on vacation.

This past year we did a great job of participating in many extra-curricular activities.  69 official events to be exact.  These activities included events ranging from the annual 1st-Year cadets' trip to the Commemorative Air Force museum, 30 Color Guards, 3 Drill competitions, 10+ Community Service events, 14 cadets on 5 Civil Air Patrol flights and 9 cadets on an Air National Guard air refueling mission.  As well we had numerous Awareness Presentation Team events and now have a AZ-861 Chorus!

The prospects for the 2019-2020 year are looking good.  We are close to 100 cadets coming in (with hopefully several more signing up this summer to get us over the hump).  The staff is completing the cadet handbook and cleaning up the Corps from the year's activities.  They will be back the end of July to get to work on the details of next school year and the upcoming External Inspection.

Remember our mission of: "Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community" and as always lets be motivated, lets COMPETE and have a great summer.

Come back ready for another great AFJROTC year in the Land of the Mustangs!



Aug 2018

It is great to be at Dobson - the Land of the Mustangs!

Two years under our belt and I have no doubt this will be a great year and we will do great things.

I look forward to working with all of you cadets to accomplish the AFJROTC mission of "Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community."

The staff has been working hard this summer to ensure we are ready for the year.

Lets be motivated, lets COMPETE (SMSgt Williams would be very happy) and let's have a great AFJROTC year in the Land of the Mustangs!