Tutoring & Academic Interventions
Dobson runs two programs to help students get the depth of knowledge they need, and an opportunity to get missed assignments turned in.


Open Work Lab [aka OWL]: OWL is a place where students can go to get more help. We have four teachers in OWL to assist students in the areas of Math, English, Social Studies, and Science (except for Wednesday mornings, but we have student tutors in there to assist those who need help). Students are encouraged to utilize OWL when they need to, although OWL may be assigned by a teacher to allow a student who needs more time or help to finish an assignment. Students do not need to see a tutor to be in OWL. They can work in small peer groups or alone as needed. We feel that it is important to allow students additional work time opportunities, especially with the onset of our 1:1 technology. 

Location: Library

Hours: Monday through Friday, 6:45-7:45 am; Monday through Thursday, 3:10-4:10 pm. 

How to Access: The library can be accessed through the north door of the B building (between the Student Advisement office and the Nurse). We kindly ask that students who are not utilizing OWL to stay out of the building until 7:30 when all students are allowed inside. 

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