Ms. Heather Eve

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This is my second year of teaching at Dobson High School, and I am incredibly excited to be part of the amazing family here. I am a proud Arizona State University alum, and hold three Bachelor's degrees: Political Science, Psychology, and Secondary Education.  I have worked a variety of jobs (for example, I've been both a waitress and a cook) and learned from each one.  I served for five years in the United States Army as an Intelligence Analyst as well, and spent more than a year in Iraq during that time.    

I am very passionate about math, but I also love reading, writing, and learning about history and politics, as well.  I am currently writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel in my spare time (which means over the summer) and hope to one day become a published author.  Some of my hobbies--aside from reading and writing--are playing video games (like World of Warcraft), watching football (go Cardinals!), going fishing, and making time for naps.  After school, of course.

mseve_army                   mseve_graduate

In Iraq, shortly after I was promoted to SGT E-5 Taken after I graduated from Arizona State University in 2016