Mr. Joshua Davis

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I have been teaching here at Dobson High School for six years now. I am currently teaching Cont. Math and Algebra II. Before coming to Dobson I was a teacher down on the boarder of Mexico for three years. Originally I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and got my B.S. in Mathematics and my Masters in Education from Slippery Rock University.

Please use the link below to get access to Big Ideas and Canvas.

Big ideas and Canvas web page:

In Algebra II this year we are using both for the majority of the class. The Big Ideas website is the main homework page for the students and is where the book for the class is located. The assignments are graded for the students and they can always check the problems again to look over before a test. The canvas site is for small quizzes, check for understanding, and their tests. The canvas site grades most of their work, however on the portal you will see a work page score with the tests. This is the paper I give them show their steps to the final answer which canvas graded for them.

In Cont. Math we do not use Big Ideas at all because their book is not located on this site. Their book is offered at the book store, however I use real examples and worksheets more in this class. Canvas is where some of the tests are and also where some of the work and project material is located. They need to access this site in order to get some of the materials needed to complete assignments and projects. Projects in this class count as a test grade.