Mr. Fendley

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Mr. Fendley is our newest administrator but he is not new to Dobson. This is his seventh year as a Mustang. Dobson knows him as the former Digital Photography teacher and yearbook advisor. And now he is the assistant principal over activities and all 9th grade. His number one goal is that all students and teachers find a part of the campus to call home. Whether it's through a club, sport, or just quality relationships, everyone should find the thing that makes them feel seen and heard on this campus.

Current Book Recommendations:

Gholdy Muhammad's  "Cultivating Genius"

Book cover of Cultivating Genius 

In book, Gholdy discusses 5 Key Pursuits in education:

  1. Identity
  2. Skills
  3. Intellect
  4. Criticality
  5. JOY

It isn't often that we put fun on the same level as academics, but if we are going to create lifelong learners that are excited about education we need to start. As the AP over activities, there is a huge opportunity to cultivate JOY.