Ms. Jane Trayer                                                                                                      

Looking forward to working with you!

English Educator   RM B305

Dual Enrollment:  Mesa Community College

Work Email:           

Phone: 480-472-3189

Available:   Lunch/PREP     6th hour by appointment



















I have been teaching at Dobson since 2003, but was a Mustang long before I started teaching at Dobson because all three of my own children graduated from Dobson High.  My oldest son, Tony Lopercio, graduated in 1998; my middle son, Ty Lopercio, graduated in 2000, and my daughter, Jennifer Lopercio, graduated in 2003.  She left before I came on to the scene (best that way).  Before I was at Dobson, I was at Kino Jr. High, and once you've taught Jr. High, you can do anything!  I am a life long learner; I am always taking classes of some sort.  I currently have...

Master of English                     Arizona State University       Tempe, Arizona
and Secondary Education

53 hours of education beyond my MA

Certified                                   Natural Herbalist                   Mesa, Arizona

Currently working on my Storytelling Certification               South Mountain Community College

B. A. English                            Arizona State University       Tempe, Arizona

Highschool                               Radford High                         Honolulu, Hawaii

My dad was in the Air Force, so we traveled all over when I was younger.  I have lived in many parts of the United States and in South America.

I am not only proud to call myself an educator, but also I love being an educator.

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