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Mr. Pierce was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, graduating from Sycamore High School.  He then attended the University of Kentucky.  Before his senior year at Kentucky he moved to Arizona and transferred to Northern Arizona University where he graduated in the fall of 1996 after student teaching at Dobson.  He completed his master’s degree in Human Relations from Northern Arizona University in the summer of 2009.  During the summer of 2015, Mr. Pierce started on his Ed.S degree in Educational Technology Leadership from the University of Kentucky.  He will graduate in the spring of 2017. 

This is Mr. Pierce's 21st year at Dobson High School.  He has taught psychology for the last 15 years.  He started the A.P. Psychology program at Dobson in 2004 and the Sports Psychology program in 2013.  He currently teaches Introductory, Advanced, A.P., and Sports Psychology, as well as PSY101 and Cultural Psychology at Mesa Community College.

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