PictureMr. John Boggess

Email: jmbogges@mpsaz.org

Phone: (480) 472-3022


I grew up in Michigan and left the cold for the sunny days of Arizona where I attended Arizona State University. While there, I earned my B.A and B.A.E. degrees in Spanish and Secondary Education.  Upon completion of these degrees, I started my career with the Mesa Schools in 1991 as a Spanish teacher at what was then called Hendrix Junior High...(now Summit Academy).  While teaching, I entered the Master's program at ASU in counseling and earned my M.Ed. in 1996.  From there, I was fortunate enough to stay a part of the Dobson area community and went to Dobson High School to be a counselor and Spanish teacher.  After a short time, I became a full time counselor and have been a part of the Dobson family for the past 19 years. In addition to being a student advisor, I am the Boys' Varsity and JV tennis coach. 

I work primarily with the students whose last names begin with SD-Z and look forward to another exciting year.  I encourage all of my students and families to utilize our excellent website for information about virtually all post-secondary opportunities and information about upcoming events.  Please never hesitate to e-mail or call me if I can be of further assistance. 

Thank you and have a great day in the Land of the Mustangs!