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Mr. Kevin Bilyeu

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My name is Kevin Bilyeu.  I teach Biology at Dobson High School.  I have taught Science for 25 years, most of that being in Oklahoma.  I moved to Arizona with my wife of 30 years and we are excited to be here. We relocated with a job transfer opportunity for my wife.  We have two grown children back in Oklahoma.  My daughter teaches music and my son is still in college. My post high school education included a start in Norman at Oklahoma University and concluded with a bachelor's degree from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.  Of my 25 years of experience, 24 of them have included Biology classes and most have included AP Biology and Human Anatomy & Physiology classes.  

     The life sciences are my favorite primarily because of how well we understand how some things function and relate to each other from the chemical level to the environmental level.  However, at the same time, so much is yet to be explained.  As a result, the promise is there that new discoveries await those who want to know more.  

     In pursuit of the end goal of creating people who know much and want to know more about how life works, I try to relate the new scientific knowledge and skills that we learn to how it affects or applies to our lives. I will at least describe how it is used in good science.  We learn experimental methods, observation skills, basic principles of living organisms, and many other topics including cell structure and function, genetics, ecology, and classification of organisms.  Advances in the past 30 years in the fields of genetics and cellular biology have changed the High School Biology course drastically.